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A Rain of Puccini Pain

I don’t normally resort to scare tactics—and forgive me, ladies, for the crudeness of the following image—but if you don’t read the rest of this article you could end up running down the street in your birthday suit with an angry swarm of wasps in hot pursuit. You have been warned. 

Last week, I wrote about leaf-munching bugs, but this week I’m raising the stakes with a stern warning about one of our most dreaded summer pests: yellow jacket wasps. Most mountain residents are familiar with yellow jackets, aka meat bees; they’re the thieves that steal a morsel of your tasty barbecue… or sip your soda… or nibble your outrageously decadent cheesecake. How dare they!

Most people don’t have memorable yellow jacket stories, but I’ll never forget the customer who told me he was happily lathering in the shower, singing an aria from La Bohème, then seconds later was running down the street with a swarm of angry yellow jackets hot on his tail. What happened? Yellow jackets were building a nest in the ceiling above the shower and had chewed away the drywall, leaving only a thin layer of paint. The man had noticed a discoloration on the ceiling and innocently poked his finger through it— right into the live wasp nest! In sheer terror, he grabbed a towel and ran out of the house as enraged wasps chased him down the street. Luckily, he made it to a neighbor’s home where he called us, shouting, “Home Defenders, I need help!” He escaped the ordeal with only a few stings. 

Yes folks, it’s summer and all mountain pests are busy scratching and clawing in their endless fight for survival. They don’t want to hurt you, but if you accidentally threaten them, they’ll be all over you like honeybees on orange blossoms.

Be sure and keep our phone number, and a towel, handy. (And for heaven’s sake don’t sing La Bohème in the shower, yellow jackets love Puccini!)

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