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I feel it coming, it’s skipping and jumping its way to our mountain—it’ll be here in the blink of an eye. Bolstered by the Thanksgiving and Christmas storms, Mother Nature’s most fertile season—spring—is almost here. Is your home ready for the coming explosion of birds and bees and bugs and rodents? Not sure? Here’s all you need to know:

>>Clean those piles of pine needles off your roof. Do you know what ants love, aside from sugary treats and juicy meats? They love big piles of pine needles on roofs. They make nests under those moist piles and get busy making little ants—lots and lots of little ants. Clean your roof and nip those little breeders in the bud.

>>Trim tree branches. I don’t like being the grouchy old pest pundit constantly reminding homeowners to buy one of those extendable tree pruners and trim branches away from their roofs, but that’s my lot in life, and I embrace it. Thanks for putting up with me. 

>>There’s what in that dust? Speaking of lusty rain, do you know what’s really lusty? Dirt. Yep, plain old, butt-ugly dirt. When it touches wood siding and deck posts, it ravages the wood fibers and leaves a big puddle of mush. And then you have to call us Home Defenders to replace the wood—which we’ll happily do, call us anytime. But if you dig the dirt away from wood parts of your home, it’ll keep them dry and strong for, say, the next fifty years. The choice is yours.

Get ready, mountain homeowners, spring is coming and after all that rain and snow, it’s going to be one heck of a fertile year. Remember, only you—with a little help from your friends at Home Defenders—can prevent forest critter procreation. 

(Now get out there and trim those tree branches!)

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