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(The following is the back cover of my upcoming book, A Rat Catcher’s Guide to Creative Inspiration. Available this spring from Amazon.)


Life is most majestic when childhood’s joy meets practiced skill.

         —Jun-Ar Qa’a (tunnel builder, philosopher, sewer rat)


My name is Michael A. Nolan and I want to teach you how to capture, not rats, but rather that elusive critter called “creative inspiration”. What are my credentials? Did I graduate from a prestigious university or paint the Mona Lisa? Nope. I learned about creativity in the best possible way: by catching rats and writing about my adventures in the newspaper. Hey, Leonardo da Vinci, I’d like to see you do that!


The rave reviews are flooding in like rats in the New York City Subway:

  • “We can honestly say that this is the best book ever on the subject of creative inspiration and sewer rat control.”

     —Pest Management Quarterly

  • “So, a professional exterminator is taking on the daunting subject of creative inspiration. Really? Rest assured,  Mr. Nolan, we in the fine art community are convinced of your rodent catching skills. We will certainly call you should the Guggenheim get invaded by vermin.”

     —The Monthly Review for the Creative Arts 

  • “When I picked up this book, I thought, ‘Is this a joke?’ If it is a joke, it’s no joke. Oh, and thanks, Mike, for the tip on keeping rats away from tomato plants without using poison.

      —What on Earth is Bugging You? A Guide for Organic Gardeners

  • “Michael, enlightened beings don’t harm rats, but rather gently guide them with sacred circle chants. Please stop trapping rodents. You wouldn’t want to be reincarnated as a rat, now would you?

      —The Journal for Self-Realization and Cosmic Yoga

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