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Well folks, it’s spring when a young man’s thoughts turn to his favorite obsession, so yep, it’s time for my yearly article wondering if I might just be getting old. You be the judge.

>> When I bought my house, there was a tree stump in the yard… that has now decomposed into a crumbly pile of dirt.

>> I can competently advise my doctor on my own health.

>> I sometimes meet people with a white head of hair… only to learn they’re a decade younger than me.

>> The thing that brightens my day best… is a smile from a young child.

>> I’m old enough to have followed Kobe’s entire career… but also old enough to have followed Magic’s.

>> I find myself uttering those awful words “At my age I’m just happy to…”

>> My parents tired old proverbs sure ring true.

>> I really appreciate the fact that I know my way around a hardware store.

>> I go to bed at night, wake up in the morning, check my calendar… and a whole decade has flown by.

>> After some mental calculations, I realize that cute waitress isn’t old enough to be my daughter… she’s old enough to be my granddaughter!

>> Someone my age has been elected President of the United States, served two terms, and retired.

>> For the first time in my life, my doctor, dentist and barber are all younger than me.

>> My parents complain about kids today… and I nod in hearty agreement.

>> I now realize that age is only a number… but also realize only old people realize that.

Last, I might be getting old because, ahem, this is my tenth yearly article wondering if I might be getting old. Yikes! Have an age-is-only-a-number kind of week, everyone!

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