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By the age of twelve I felt I had mastered most of life’s important do’s and don’ts and I mostly stopped listening to adults giving out warnings. I did, however, make exceptions. I remember the day on our grandparent’s Illinois farm when my brother Dave and I told Grandpa we were going back to Bear Crick to hunt crawdads. To get there we would walk across the cow pasture. “Listen boys,” he said with a deadly serious expression, “I moved the bull into the pasture yesterday and never turn your back on a bull—you may never know what hit you.” Minutes later we climbed the rusty barbed wire fence and jumped into the cow pasture. Walking toward Bear Crick, I kept my eyes locked on that bull. He was the most powerful animal I had ever seen and I had no doubt he could end my life in an instant. When it came to matters of life and death, grandpa knew best.

Since I don’t like being on the receiving end of do’s and don’ts, I avoid giving them out. When homeowners need help, one call brings us Home Defenders to their rescue. But, once in a while I give out a warning: Listen folks, never let branches touch your home. Ants live in trees and branches are their highways to the land of milk and honey and fried chicken. I’ve treated thousands of houses and sometimes the only way to eliminate ants—despite my arsenal of 21st century pest products—is to grab my ladder, climb up to the roof and cut branches. If you can’t safely cut your own, I recommend calling a professional tree trimmer. The sooner the better.

Lastly, if I come to your home and see branches touching your roof, well… I recommend that you stay away from cow pastures. Have a safe, tree trimming week, everyone!

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