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This week’s article is special because we have new corporate sponsors. What can I say? Money is tight with this COVID thing and we need all the help we can get, so  this week’s article is sponsored by… Hacking Cough in a Can.® Need to get out of jury duty? Try Hacking Cough in a Can® and by… Bob’s Cat Hair Cannon.® Mad at your neighbor? You need a cat hair cannon. Try Bob’s. (Cat hair cannonballs sold separately… check out our new Calico line!) Now on to my list of the three most common conditions that lead pests into homes:

#3: Earth-to-wood contact. When household wood members—like deck posts and siding—are in contact with dirt, Mother Nature cooks up a batch of special fungus that turns wood into mush. Say what you will about Mother Nature, the old gal ain’t lazy.

#2: Utility pipes. More specifically, the openings around those pipes that allow rats, mice, chipmunks, spiders, ants and other pests to enter your home. You have two choices: 1) Cancel all of your utilities. 2) Grab a caulking gun, load it with sealant, then spend an hour sealing the openings… but where’s the pioneering spirit in that?

#1: Tree limbs touching roofs. Most homeowners don’t realize that ants live in trees, especially old oaks and pines. Remember, folks, we exterminators have families to feed and if you cut the limbs from your home ants are less likely to invade. We could lose a lot of work, so please, grab a cold beer, sit on the couch, turn on a ballgame before the commissioner cancels the season again, and call us when ants invade.

Be sure and join me next week for a fresh new article, sponsored by…                        Bob’s Toe Pinching Socks®… because sometimes those tootsies just feel way too good. (Toe pinching inserts sold separately.)

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