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“Uh oh, they’re back,” I thought as I saw the silhouette of a grain moth flying against the vibrant colors of my TV screen. “How did those critters get back in? Dang it!” 

I was frustrated because my home was infested with small grain moths in May and I thought I had solved the problem. They had invaded the birdseed in my closet and once moths get a foothold, it’s a battle to get them out. Even after I banished the birdseed to my outdoor storage shed, I saw the moths flying inside my house for several months. Around July, I stopped seeing moths.

So where did this lone moth come from? After searching my home, I discovered I had accidentally left a small container of seeds on top of my refrigerator. One small misstep for man, one giant leap for pests. I promptly put those seeds in the shed. Hopefully, my uninvited guest was just a rogue moth.

If you feed birds, I highly recommend storing your birdseed in an outbuilding. Seeds attract pests, from rodents to grain moths to the dreaded carpet beetles that, once they get inside a home, never seem to go away. If you think you have stored grain pests, call us Home Defenders for a free inspection. Feed the birds that sing, not the trouble that pests bring!

Back at my home, I could, of course, just stop feeding the birds. That would be the cold, logical thing to do. But, darn it, I sure love waking to the sound of singing chickadees, so goodbye cold logic, hello happy chickadees. 

As for the grain moths, they can sing in my storage shed.

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