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Ding dong, the witch is dead. Which old witch? Those army cutworm moths, that’s which witches.

Well, everybody, the moths are finally gone. How do I know? I monitored them at my Big Bear cabin all of May and June as they hid under my folded patio umbrella. Then, on July 2, they were gone. Every single one of them. A few are still trapped inside my cabin, but they’ll die of dehydration soon enough.

Where did the little devils go? Most likely back to the wheat fields of Kansas or wherever it is these agricultural pests come from. I suppose that the males and females are mating right about now, lucky little critters. All I do is work. 

Big Bear homeowners saw massive numbers of army cutworm moths this year, and they can drive you crazy. One night I went to bed and as soon as I turned off the light, sure enough, a moth flew right on my face. The next morning I headed to the hardware store and bought weather stripping for my doors. Enough is enough.

Will the moths be back next year? No one knows, but we had a record number this year, and I always bet on a winner. If we have a lot of rain and snow this winter, count on seeing lots of moths next May. Nothing succeeds like success.

Homeowners have ten months to seal openings around doors, windows, and beams. Be sure and seal the smallest cracks because cutworm moths can squeeze through an opening you could shove a dime into. Yep, that’s what we’re up against, folks. 

Ding dong, the witch ain’t really dead, she’s just having a good time back in Kansas. Well, at least somebody has the right idea. 

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