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“Those darn mice!” I thought, looking over the dead mice in my mousetraps. “Don’t they ever give up?”

Though I was glad to be catching mice and keeping my customer happy, I was one frustrated pest professional. Not only was I crawling on my belly in a dark, soggy crawlspace, but to get to my traps I had to squeeze through a little plywood door that was partially blocked by fragile sprinkler lines. I had been catching mice for a week, and was hoping to see an end to the carnage, but the critters just kept coming. I dabbed fresh peanut butter on the triggers, reset the traps, and crawled back out to the blessed California sunshine.

Back in my work truck, a question popped into my head: why do mice, with their tiny brains, present such a challenge to humankind? There’s many reasons, but let’s focus on one.

Whenever I see a mouse, the first thing I notice is how healthy it looks. Its fur is perfect—no white hairs around the muzzle, no receding hairline, no patchy fur. Mice breed quickly and die young, so they’re always in the prime of life, speeding through their days with the effervescent energy of youth. Battling them keeps me young too. Thank you, mice. Thank you, homeowners.

If you see signs of mice—like little black droppings—or hear tell-tale scratching sounds, call us Home Defenders and we’ll get them out with the powerful energy of professional expertise. We’ll find their entry holes and seal them as tight as Mason jars at grandma’s house. Guaranteed!

We long-lived humans will continue inventing new traps and gadgets to control mice, but they will always remain forever young, energetic, and beautiful. I call that poetic justice. (I also call that job security.) Have a young and beautiful week, everyone!

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