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“Those darn mice.” I thought. “Don’t they ever give up?”

I was one frustrated pest professional last week, checking mouse traps in a dark crawlspace. I had squeezed through the little plywood entry door and, sure enough, once again, there were more mice in my traps. I had been catching them for a week, but that’s no surprise, since mice are unrelenting when they target a mountain home. I set more traps and crawled back into to the summer sunshine. 

When I returned to my office, a question popped into my head: Why do mice, with their tiny brains, present such a challenge to us pest professionals? Well, there’s many reasons, but let’s focus on one.

Whenever I see a mouse the first thing I notice is how healthy and just plain beautiful it looks. Its fur is perfect—no touch of white hair around the muzzle, no receding hairline. Mice breed quickly and die young, so they are always in the prime of life, speeding through their days with the timeless energy of youth. Chasing mice out of a home is like playing tag with a bunch of teenage boys buzzed on Red Bull… with their survival on the line.

If you see signs of mice in your home, like little black droppings, or hear tell-tale scratching sounds, call us Home Defenders today and we’ll chase them out with the timeless energy of professional expertise. Then we’ll find their entry holes and seal them as tight as a bank vault on Sunday. Guaranteed!

Yes, we long-lived humans will continue inventing new traps and gadgets to control mice, but those little beasts will stay forever young and beautiful.

Lucky bastards!

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