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“Will this onslaught never end?” I thought. “This is surely Mother Nature’s most amazing animal.”

After squeezing through a little plywood door made for munchkins, then worming around heating ducts, I found myself deep inside a crawl space last week, checking mouse traps. I had been coming to this cabin for weeks and I was working hard to exterminate the last of the mice, but I kept catching them in my snap traps. That’s no surprise, since mice are unrelenting when they infest an old mountain cabin. I set more traps, then crawled back into the blessed March sunshine. I would be back in two days.

Returning to my office, a question popped into my head: Why do mice, with their tiny brains, present such a challenge to us pest professionals? There are many reasons, but let’s focus on one.

Whenever I see a mouse, the first thing I notice is how healthy and beautiful it looks. Its fur is perfect—no touch of white hair around the muzzle, no receding hairline. Mice breed quickly and die young, so they are always in the prime of life, speeding through their days with the timeless energy of youth. When pitted against that master hunter called man, mice can more than hold their own. Let’s tip our hat to the born survivors.

If you see signs of mice in your home, like little black droppings, or hear telltale scratching sounds, call us Home Defenders today and we’ll chase them out with the timeless energy of professional expertise. We’ll find their entry holes and seal them as tight as a Munchkin’s front door when the Wicked Witch is on the warpath. Guaranteed!

Beauty aside, we are in the business of sending mice straight to mice heaven where they can compete in all the beauty contests they want. Good luck beating those adorable flying squirrels. Have a rodent free week, everyone!

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