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Well, Home Defenders customers, after a slick salesman made his pitch to me and my secretaries yesterday, you folks were almost reduced to nothing more than pie chart statistics. But, we quickly realized that human customers are better than statistical ones, so we put an end to the whole affair.

It all began with a flyer for hi-tech pest control software. “Easily organize your routes with automated scheduling!” it promised. “Run your company 100% paper free!” Paper free sure sounded good on paper.

But hi-tech just won’t work for us. We can’t have a computer schedule service treatments because a machine can’t know that Mrs. Garcia in Deer Lodge Park only wants Alfredo because she thinks he’s the greatest thing since sliced bread. And our computers can’t know that Mrs. Laurence in Moonridge only wants Gil to treat her home… on Friday mornings… first stop of the day because she takes her mom to physical therapy at 9:00 am. 

The software package offered a cornucopia of pie charts to track the customers who canceled service along with their reason for canceling. That’s fine for big corporations, but we already know that the Jones’ canceled service because they retired and moved back to Mrs Jones’ home state of Tennessee. And we know that the Smiths temporarily paused service because they’re doing an extensive remodel at their home. We don’t need any deep dive pie charts. (Though deep dish cherry pie is always welcome!)

We run our company pretty much like they ran ‘em a hundred years ago. Every month, we call our customers and schedule their service treatment, then write their appointment in our schedule book. Our technicians carry paper work orders, and live secretaries answer our phones, pencils at the ready. We like the feel of paper in our hands, and we see no need to fix what isn’t broken.

In these computerized times, we Home Defenders relish the fact that we offer a benefit far superior to hi-tech software: people who care about their customers. Have a good, old-fashioned week, everyone!

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