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Hi, everyone, my name is Alejandra and I’m a secretary here at Home Defenders. This week I’m interviewing my boss Mike:

Question: What do you do when you see ants on your kitchen counter? Answer: I wipe them up with a sponge and soapy water, then wait to see if they come back. If they do come back, I go outside and look for trails, then knock them out with bug juice. 

Q: What do you do when you see spiders in your home? A: Spiders don’t bother me, so I grab a tissue and escort them outside. But, my home is sealed against spider entry so I get fewer spiders than most homeowners.

Q: What do you do when you see fresh mouse droppings in your buildup? 

A: I grab a handful of snap traps and go to war. Rodents carry diseases and chew electrical wires, so I never allow them to live in my home.

Q: What’s your favorite little critter? A: Jumping spiders—they’re cute as a bug’s ear. When I’m treating a home and I see one on a deck handrail, I escort it out of the bug juice zone. If you want a treat, google “images of jumping spiders.”

Q: What’s your favorite animal? A: Pygmy owls, they’re adorable little things… I see one once in a blue moon. I was surprised to learn that they prey on small birds like chickadees, but every creature in the natural world feeds on something.

Q: Finally, you see tree squirrels running around on your back deck. What do you do? A: We exterminators know that squirrels are one of the most destructive animals in the mountains, especially when they get into attics and destroy insulation and chew electrical wires. But, my home has been professionally sealed against animal entry, so I can toss the rapscallions some peanuts and watch the fun. I love cute animals, too—as long as the little monsters stay outside.

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