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He called me from thousands of miles away to share his pest management story. “My neighbor Mary had a squirrel living in her attic,” he said, “and since our local pest company doesn’t do animal control, I offered her a helping hand. When I got to her house, I checked the eaves, and quickly saw a hole you could push a baseball through. I figured that’s how the squirrel was getting in. I wasn’t sure how to seal the hole, so I bought a can of that expanding foam at the hardware store, then pumped the whole kit and caboodle into the hole. That was a week ago and Mary hasn’t heard a peep since. Say, Mike, do you think I got the job done?”

“It’s a good thing you did the work during the day,” I said, “because the squirrel was likely outside foraging. It was probably a solitary male, because if you’d have sealed out a female with young to care for she would have chewed through that foam like a chainsaw through butter. If Mary hasn’t heard any noises in the attic, and the foam is undisturbed, you were likely successful. Let’s call it beginner’s luck.”

“Well, great!” he said with a touch of pride in his voice.

So, who is this mystery man? He’s the one who taught me how to ride a bike, catch a fish, and hit a baseball. Why didn’t he call me before starting the job? I suppose he wanted to remain a heroic father figure in my eyes, and the best way to appear heroic to an animal control professional is to successfully complete an animal control job.

I tip my pest control hat to Dad. Without asking for anyone’s help, he went to the aid of a damsel in distress, thought up a plan, scaled a ladder, executed his plan, and saved the day… because that’s what heroes do. Have a heroic week, everyone!

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