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“Wow, look at that,” I’m thinking. “I can’t wait to write about this.”

I’m hiking on a forest trail and I’m seeing a commonplace sight: bear, coyote, and raccoon prints. So why is that worth writing about? Because I made this short trail a month ago and these paw prints mean that wild animals—trail-hiking royalty—have given my dirt path their blessing. Thank you kindly, your furry majesties.

Speaking of animals, I’ll never forget a raccoon job I tackled a few years back, where a mother raccoon was raising her young under a vacation home bathtub. She had removed some exterior wood shingle siding to get into that protected space. Happily, the homeowner agreed to wait until the young were grown before I chased the family out. All ended well for all involved.

I was amazed at the mother raccoon’s skill. If she had removed shingles just a few inches to the left or right she would have hit a wall stud to frustration. But she hit a hidden bullseye on her first try. How? Maybe she smelled the moisture in the void, or maybe she used her sensitive whiskers to feel a draft flowing out the wood shingles. Who knows. But it’s yet another reason to admire our forest animals.

If you suspect wild animals are living in your home, call us today for a free evaluation and we’ll get them out in a humane way—that’s the only way we Home Defenders get the job done.

Finally, I don’t just make hiking paths, I also made this article, this “word path” and I would like to thank you, royal reader, for following it to the end—for giving it your kindly blessing. 

Now if you could just yank some shingles and have your young under a bathtub I’d really be impressed!

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