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Could a mouse be a mobster? In the movies, I mean. 

Yeah, in an animated movie, I think a mouse would make a heck of a mob boss, stuffing a napkin into his collar and wolfing down his mama’s eggplant parmigiana. “Hey, Ma, more parmesan cheese over here!” Don’t try to muscle in on his territory, you goombahs!

 Reviewing my old articles recently, I was struck by how many are about mice. But that makes sense. Mice portrayed as human-like characters have been featured in cartoons, TV shows, and movies for a century. Mice make for compelling stories—just ask Mickey!

Compared to mice, how interesting are other pests, like ants? Ants barely have a brain, and they bumble around like Otis the doofus town drunk on The Andy Griffith Show. Plus, with all the great ant products available, we Home Defenders have their number. 

Mice breed like rabbits and customers in droves are calling us to rid their homes of the critters. How will you know you’ve been invaded? You might see tiny droppings along baseboards, on kitchen counters, and/or behind appliances. Sometimes you’ll hear scratching or running sounds in walls and ceilings. If you notice these signs, call us immediately. We’ll muscle those mice right out of your territory!

Mice have dogged humans for thousands of years and they’ll likely keep on keeping on. When we build new kinds of traps, they just overwhelm us with sheer numbers. If a mouse was that stereotypical movie mobster, he would look a veteran pest professional like me in the eye, grab his teeny crotch and sneer, “Exterminate this, you moron!”

“Whooooaaaaa, he just burned you bad, man!” says a smirking Otis the town drunk. Have a mobster mouse free week, everyone!

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