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Well, I just had an infestation of mice in my own cabin, and yes, I do feel embarrassed about it.

You may wonder how a professional exterminator gets mice in his own home. Well, I had an electrician working on my cabin three months ago and in the process he left an opening in my home’s foundation—one small hole for man, one superhighway for mice. To make matters worse, I know that construction workers frequently leave openings and I failed to do a thorough inspection after he finished the job. That’s on me.

I used snap traps to get the mice out, but I hated hurting them. They’re just so cute and this situation was easily preventable. Nevertheless, mice leave droppings and chew electrical wires and we must get them out of our homes. They can live, born free and all, out in the forest. 

Over the years I’ve learned that there are three kinds of mountain cabins: those that have had mice and a professional exterminator has gotten them out; those that currently have mice; and those that will have mice simply because the world is always turning and churning.

I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but mice are masters at sneaking into our homes. Send your complaints to Mother Nature. And, for the love of Pete, call us if you hear running or scratching sounds in your walls. The quicker we get to work, the easier the process will go for all concerned.

Now the good news: the vast majority of cabins can be sealed so that mice are blocked out and then you can live happy and born free and all…until some construction worker unwittingly leaves a small opening and the mice get back inside.

We exterminators call that “job security.”

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