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Have you ever thought about picking up a live rat? A wild one, I mean. Picture this: You’re working in your kitchen when you suddenly see a rat scamper by. Would you reach down and grab the critter by the scruff of the neck and holler, “I got you, you varmint!” Would you?

I’ve worked in pest management for thirty years and I’ve never once thought about grabbing a live rat. When I was a rookie, I was warned by a veteran pest tech, “Never corner a rat. They’ll run up your leg and go for your jugular.”

Imagine my surprise yesterday when my pest manager Gilbert showed me a photo of himself wearing animal control gloves and proudly holding up two live rats. I suppose he could have faked the photo, but he had a story to back it up.

“Well, Mike, all we did was corner the rats in a buildup and then force them into a little plastic trash can,” Gil said nonchalantly, as if he grabbed rats on a daily basis. Looking over the photo, I thought, “Darn … what’s the learning curve on that skill? Wouldn’t you get attacked a few times before getting the knack of it? That’s nuts.”

As Gil admired his photo, I said, “Well, uh—good job!”

Autumn is just around the corner and rats will be looking to invade your warm home. If you hear mysterious noises or see telltale rodent droppings, call us and we’ll give you a free estimate to escort them out by the hair on their chinny-chin-chins. Here at Home Defenders, we believe the only good home is a rodent-free home.

Some of you may be wondering when I myself might try grabbing a live rat, thereby joining Gilbert’s elite, though lonely, “Rat Grabber Club.” Here’s my answer, short and sweet: Never ever.

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