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What pest repulses you the most? Putting the question another way, what’s the one creepy-crawly you don’t want on your skin? I found one such critter on my skin yesterday.

Returning from a hike, I was sitting at my computer when I felt an itch on my inner thigh. I looked down and saw a tiny bug slowly crawling northbound, no big deal. When I inspected more closely I saw that it was a tick—one of those notorious blood-sucking creatures. I was horrified.

I grew up in Illinois where ticks are as common as cornfields and scarecrows. Decades ago on my grandparents’ farm, my eight-year-old brother Dan complained of ear pain. Grandma looked in his ear and, you guessed it, she saw that a tick had nestled in. Life on Midwestern farms isn’t always so idyllic.

Did they take him to a doctor? Nope. My practical grandparents had their own solution. They lit one of those punk sticks used to light fireworks, then carefully maneuvered the smoldering end inside Dan’s ear canal. I still remember the terrified look on his face as they performed the procedure with practiced skill. Mercifully, the tick scrambled out, Grandpa smashed it with a hammer, and the incident was over. I have despised ticks ever since.

Ticks aren’t common in the mountains, but they do live up here, often in yards with pet runs. If you find ticks we’ll smash them with the practical power of modern science—no hammer needed. Call us today for a free evaluation.

So, do I still fear getting a tick in my ear? Yes, but there’s another region of my anatomy I never, ever want invaded by a tick…

ER Nurse: So, Mr. Nolan, what brings you in today?

Me: Uh, well, I found a tick in a really hard-to-reach bodily area. 

God, I loathe ticks.

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