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I’ve always been fascinated by Mother Nature’s deadliest creatures. When I was a boy, I loved sharks, snakes, tigers—the more fearsome, the better. My tastes are more genteel now, tempered by the sands of time and tide. Here’s some beneficial mountain bugs you’ll be happy to see:

Snakeflies—These sleek flying insects prey on your most hated plant pests, such as aphids. With their slightly raised head, they have an almost regal bearing. When I find one at home, I gently escort it outside.

Jumping Spiders—These critters are the adorable Koala bears of the bug world. Instead of munching on eucalyptus leaves, they happily devour pests, such as flies and mosquitoes. If you want a treat, google “images of jumping spiders.”

Beeflies—They have the head of a fly and the body of a bee, sans stinger. I first saw them as a rookie on a pest job, hovering nearby, watching me work. There’s little scientific info about them, and that just makes them more intriguing.

Lady Bugs—Who doesn’t love a brightly colored bug that devours aphids? Could a Hollywood designer have done a better job of creating that distinctive look? Lady bugs are as cute as a bug’s ear, as old-timers used to say.

Looking over my list… wow, I guess Father Time is winning his war on my virility. Excuse me, readers, I need a moment to myself. (From sharks to lady bugs, Mike—what happened to you, man? You need to get your butt to the doctor’s office and get a shot of bull testosterone. Now! Hey, listen up, big guy: what would your childhood hero, Evel Knieval, think of the man you’ve become? Yeah, the truth hurts, but you need to hear it. Now, ingest it, digest it, and arrest it. And get back to your readers.)

Anyway, folks, good luck fighting those aphids, and if they become a problem, call Home Defenders for a free evaluation. (Or blast the bastards to hell with a flame thrower!… sorry, my testosterone shot just kicked in.) 

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