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Those of us who put out sunflower seeds for squirrels have noticed that the critters rip through a pile of black oil sunflower seeds like a kindergarten class through a bowl of M&M’s. Have you ever wondered how squirrels eat so fast. Think about it. They pick up a seed, chew off the hull, let it fall to the side, grab the meaty treat, then eat it. And they do all that in about a second. Before long, the seeds are gone, and I usually give the squirrels a second helping. I’m a sucker for cute animals.

When squirrels—which are rodents—get in attics, they gnaw on the worst thing they can gnaw on: electrical wires. (Rodent damage to electrical wires reportedly accounts for 20 percent of home fires—a shocking statistic, pardon the pun.) And anyone who has been treated to the stench of a dead squirrel in their attic, especially in the summer heat, knows the awful side of a squirrel invasion. If the homeowner is lucky, the critter died in an accessible part of the attic. Otherwise, it’s time to get out the tools and start cutting.

If squirrels get in your attic, call us and we’ll give you a free estimate on escorting them out, then blocking them out for good. And don’t worry, animal lovers, we don’t harm them. Our furry friends have a right to live… outside in the forest.

Back at my house—which is well sealed against rodent entry—I’ll continue to brave the morning cold in my pajamas, a scoop of sunflower seeds in hand, as the squirrels run and fuss and jump for joy in a lively scene that plays out on rear decks all over the San Bernardino Mountains.

Now that’s the best part of waking up!

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