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Have you ever noticed how quickly gray squirrels can eat a pile of sunflower seeds? Those critters can rip through a hundred seeds like a kindergarten class through a bowl of M&M’s. And then the bravest of the bunch is peeking in my sliding glass door as if to say, “Hey, Mr. Human Man, cute squirrel here—more seeds, please!” And then, still dressed in my pajamas, I put out more seeds. I fall for that trick every time.

Have you ever wondered how squirrels eat seeds so fast. Think about it. They pick up a seed, chew off the hull, grab the meaty part, then eat it. And they do it all in about a second. Squirrels are to eating sunflower seeds what the Dodgers are to smacking home runs.

Squirrels breathe life into our forest, and they’re fun to watch, but when they gain entry into homes, especially attics, they go for the jugular. The beasties seem to take pleasure in chewing the insulation off of electrical wires—though there’s not a morsel of food in an electrical wire. Outdoors, I’ve seen squirrels destroy deck handrails and roof shingles. Yeah, they’d better be cute for all the damage they can do.

If squirrels are turning your home into a chew toy, call us Home Defenders and we’ll give you a free estimate on stopping them in their toothy tracks. And don’t worry, animal lovers, we never harm them. Our furry friends have a right to live, too.

Tomorrow morning, the little beasties will be back on my deck running and fussing and waiting to see me in pajamas with black oil sunflower seeds in hand. I’ll put out a few piles and they’ll run some more and fuss some more and jump for joy warmed by the slow orange sunrise in our beautiful San Bernardino Mountains.

Now that’s the best part of waking up!

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