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If your house could talk, what would it say? “Hey, homeowner,” it might say, “please don’t ignore the number one threat to my existence.” But what is that threat?

It could be fire—we’ve all seen what that does to homes. But fire is a show-off and when it strikes, muscle-bound men and women riding big red machines race to the rescue with sirens blaring. Our firefighting system is so efficient that I’d bet not a single mountain house is on fire as I write this. Why would a talking home waste its breath warning about the obvious?

No, if your home could speak, it would alert you to the dangers of a much more subtle menace—a threat so seemingly harmless you could drink and bathe in it. Yes, the biggest hazard to a home, drop by subtle drop, is the very substance we use to fight fire.

When water enters the walls of your home, it takes a bunch of cronies along for the ride, namely dry rot, fungus, termites, and carpenter ants. And boy, do they have a good time munching on floor joists, wall studs, and roof rafters. By the time you see there’s a problem, you’re stuck with a big repair bill. The crying shame is that, most times, that damage could have been prevented with a thorough inspection. A stitch in time saves thousands.

Do you want to know if your home has been invaded by a bunch of critters drunk on moist wood? Then call Home Defenders today for a free inspection. We’ll seek out those telltale signs of rot, and stop water intrusion from destroying your house. Working together, we can protect your house from the notorious “wood rot bunch.”

Your home will thank you for decades to come.

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