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It’s spring and that means it’s time for my annual “You might be getting old” test. Ready? So, you might just be getting old if… 

>> … your favorite part of the day is that glorious after lunch nap. (My score: Fail. I’m grumpy if I don’t get my nap.)

>> … you eat a modest slice of pizza and you’re not hungry again for eight hours. (My score: Fail, darn it.)

>> … you can sit through all nine innings of an excruciatingly boring  baseball game, second-guessing the manager’s decisions all the way. (My score: Pass!)

>> … you tacked a list of foods you can’t eat any more to your fridge. (My lists: foods that cause kidney stones and acid reflux.)

>> … you’ve run the gamut of being stressed about having a few gray hairs, to being worried that you’ll soon be completely gray, to being absolutely thrilled that you still have hair. (I still have hair and that’s all I care about.)

>> … you haven’t said “mind over matter” ever since getting out of that easy chair ain’t so easy any more. (Fail. My torn meniscus sees to that.)

>> … you’ve come to hate thinking “It’s been years since I’ve…” because that now means “It’s been decades since I’ve…” (Who knew decades could fly by so fast.)

>> … though you enjoy incredible health that would be the envy of people half your age…  people half your age are starting to have health issues. (My score: It’s a draw. For now.)

>> … you’ve made peace with the shocking realization that you’re no longer an oldish young person, but rather a youngish old person. (I realized I was a youngish old man on August 16, 2017 at 9:23 a.m.)

Well, I failed, but I hope you passed. If you didn’t, don’t worry, I’m still your friendly neighborhood pest professional and I’ll always love you just the way you are… as long you pay your bill. Have a mind over matter week, everybody! 

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