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Today I’m going to write about something that adds great spice to life. It lives in many articles I’ve written, but I’ve never written about it, because I’ve never thought about it. I don’t generally think about what I don’t know.

What am I talking about? I’m talking about that sense of mystery—the fact that you don’t know what’s coming next. It’s here now—will this article be about carpenter ants or the man on the moon or whatever I write about when I’m on a tangent? Has the mystery of it caught you, like a curious mouse, in the jaws of its snap trap?

Speaking of mysteries, years ago I got a call for a routine bat estimate. Arriving at the home, I heard a chorus of squeaking sounds coming from a wall, which is a sure sign that dozens of bats were living inside the wall void. To get them out, I needed to find the opening on the outside of the house that the bats use to come and go. Not finding one, I came back at sundown when bats fly outside to feed on mosquitoes… but I saw no bat fly outside. I returned the next few evenings, but never saw a bat. The mystery deepened.

On the third day, a funny thing happened. When the homeowners answered the door, they smiled and said, “Mike, we haven’t heard a peep.” I put my ear to the wall and listened intently. The silent verdict: the bats had vacated the wall void. And they never came back. Pest problems rarely solve themselves, but once in a blue moon, they do, and I don’t look a gift horse in the mouth. When the customer is happy, I’m happy. End of story.

Now, how will this article end? Will it have a witty punchline? An insightful thought? Who knows, let’s just enjoy the playful mystery of it. And when it’s all over, the allure of the unknown will keep us coming back for more. See you next week. Or not…

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