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The customer in front of me struck a thoughtful pose—one finger pressed to her forehead, the pose in which you see Shakespeare, in pictures of him. She asked:  “Mike, is it possible for ants to….” She paused, but I had heard enough. 

“Yes” was the answer to all her questions.

Ants are incredible. Yes, the solitary workers, all females, look clumsy and lost, but an ant colony is one of Mother Nature’s Olympic-level dream teams. I have seen ants:

>>Make a bridge of hundreds of teeming workers to cross a puddle of water to reach a tasty dead mouse.

>>Trail over a network of phone and cable lines to munch on a birthday cake on a kitchen counter. 

>>Chew through a subfloor until the refrigerator above looked like the Leaning Tower of Pisa. 

>>Invade a freezer and help themselves to a pint of Rocky Road ice cream.

>>Parade over one hundred yards from their nest in an oak tree to start a new one in the ceiling of a vacation cabin.

>>Chew holes in a can of cranberry sauce and drink like Falstaff at a bawdy house. (Shakespeare’s fun-loving character known to guzzle goblets of sack [wine].) Said Falstaff: “If sack and sugar be a fault, God help the wicked.”

It’s summer and thirsty ants are invading mountain cabins by the millions. When the mighty girl wonders nibble on your sweet treats, call us and we’ll dash to your home for a free evaluation. If you don’t have ants, keep our number on speed dial. The weather sages say it’s going to be a long, dry summer.

No matter how bumbling that solitary ant looks, she’s part of a dream team in tip-top form, ready to go for the gold in your home.

Hide your sack and sugar, everybody!

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