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Get ready, everybody, because I just saw an adorable scene of baby animals cavorting with their mothers. As I watched them, I thought, “If you went into the forest looking for these critters, you’d rarely find them. Even if you were lucky enough to find them, well, where’s the magic in that? Like that old Candid Camera TV show revealed, the best things in life happen spontaneously.”

Before I reveal the cute baby animals, let’s get the ad over with now. And please don’t skip ahead to the next paragraph. You’re on your honor. (OK, I know half of my readers have already skipped ahead…I think I’ll mess with them and reveal the baby animals right now. They’re expecting, “Be sure and call Home Defenders,” but I’m not going to write that. Wait…I think I’ll fool those cheaters by pretending that I’ve already revealed the baby animals. Shh. Don’t tell. Ready?)

Gosh, readers, wasn’t that a great story about the baby animals? Wasn’t it awesome when they waddled to my feet and chirped away, as if to say, “Hey, two-legged giant, let’s be friends.” Wow! That’s a once in a lifetime experience!

OK, OK, I admit it—I’m just messing with you cheaters who skipped the ad. Ah, I forgive ya! Who likes ads? Not me.

Anyway, yesterday evening, on a Big Bear hiking trail, I saw a large group of quail—three mothers and twenty little ones. The mothers were leading the young with gentle chirps. I sat on a log and watched them as they slowly blended into the underbrush. The call of the mothers played on—forest music for the fortuitous hiker. As the lively group foraged, I wished them luck in Mother Nature’s unforgiving game of survival. Finally, as their happy chirps faded away, I headed for home.

Sometimes, on a great day, our forest goes “chirp” and says, “Smile, two-legged giant, you’re on Candid Camera!” 

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