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Is there a paradise on earth? Does such a place exist? If it does exist, where is it?

I was hiking around Bluff Lake Reserve on the south side of Big Bear yesterday and I was struck by the beauty of the area. Powerful quartz monzonite boulders stand guard as Indian paintbrush, mountain trumpet, and a wide variety of other wildflowers show off their charms. The area is so enchanting it looks like it was created by a theme park designer. But it’s not the work of man. No, Bluff Lake was made by Mother Nature herself… on one of her good days.

And no trip to Bluff Lake is complete without a short hike over to the Champion Lodgepole Pine, one of the biggest lodgepole pines in the world. When I’m up there, I always pay homage to the champion, which was a sapling before Shakespeare was born. To be a champion, or not to be? 

Unfortunately for homeowners, the critters that inhabit Bluff Lake are the same ones that invade our cabins. Right now we’re getting lots of calls for ants and spiders, as well as rats and mice. Old mountain cabins are sitting ducks for wily rats and mice. That’s the thorny side of paradise, I suppose. Call us and we’ll bring a little sunshine back to your home.

After my hike, I headed back to my cabin. On the way I saw my neighbor walking her dogs and we chatted for a few minutes. “It’s another sunny day in Big Bear.” she said. Flush with emotion, I responded: “You know, we’re the luckiest people on earth.” 

Are any of you readers saying, “I second that emotion?” I sure hope so, because Mother Nature is listening in the wind up here in paradise.

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