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Get ready for a shock, because, after weighing the pros and cons, I am determined to go ahead with my annual vacation in India this January. (If travel restrictions are lifted.) Sure, flying across the planet while travel rules are changing day by day is risky, but, what’s wrong with doing something a little brainless once in a while? Isn’t that the real “pause that refreshes?” 

Am I off my rocker? Maybe. But have you ever heard of the “theory of hormesis?” That’s the brainy way of saying that whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. If you want to grow mold in a petri dish, scientists say, add a tiny bit of mold poison. Well, if you want to get smarter, shouldn’t you do something a little stupid from time to time? What doesn’t kill you makes you smarter? Sounds good to me. 

I travel to India every January just to blow the cobwebs out of my life. Every December, I’m bursting with anticipation as I count down the days to takeoff. Then, after two rotten days sitting in planes and airports, I’m thrilled to see that beautiful “Welcome to India” sign at passport control.  From that moment on, I learn new words and taste new foods and think new thoughts. When I return home, I’m a new man. Only a fool would turn down the gift of rejuvenation just because there’s, well, a chance he could be quarantined in, I dunno, a sweltering airplane hangar. And, say what you will about forced confinement in airplane hangars, atleast it blasts out those cobwebs.

So if you see me on the news this January, begging the U.S. government for help, I hope you feel a double shot of mountain pride. “Sure, he’s a bonehead,” you can brag, “but he’s the wisest bonehead around!” Oh, and if I end up getting smart and canceling the trip, I give you permission to smack me for being so stupid. Have a boneheaded week, everyone!

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