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What is happening on this mountain? Are bugs still invading homes? Are rodents still running rampant? Or have we done something to offend all critters? Like the nutty old guy in the original Dracula movie says: “If this is true, it’s the most fantastic thing in the world!” 

But, no, it’s not true—pests are running all over the mountain, as usual. I just haven’t written about them lately because it’s more fun to review Dr. Fu-Manchu books. But, our annual fall rodent invasion is almost here, so goodbye, Fu-Manchu, hello advice for homeowners:

Cold, warm home—Cold fall nights drive rodents into your nice warm home. If you see rodent droppings, don’t worry, you’re not the only one. And if you don’t see rodent droppings, well… have you been to the eye doctor lately? 

Wave goodbye to webs—When homeowners tell me: “Mike, I’ve got mice” they are usually correct. They have either seen mice or droppings. But when homeowners theorize on how mice get inside the home, oh my, what tangled webs they weave! Don’t worry, folks, we’ll figure out how rodents are getting inside, then we will solve the problem. Guaranteed.

Proceed with poop—If you see droppings, proceed with extreme caution. Rodent droppings carry diseases—they really, really do—so put on gloves, safety goggles, an N95 mask or a half-face respirator, and clean them using a bleach solution (1 part bleach to 10 parts water). You won’t be called a hero to your family, but you will be. 

As for you Fu Manchu fans, don’t worry, I’m currently reading President Fu-Manchu. Yes, folks, he’s running for president and yes, folks, he’s hellbent on disrupting American society. Well, well, well, Dr. Fu-Manchu… good luck with that. Have a rodent free week, everyone!

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